The School started on 17th Sep 1988 (at Jarir Street, Malaz) with 11 students and 4 teachers. Today we are pleased to state that we have more than 1000 students and about 80 Academic & Administrative staff.

It is a community school operating as a non – profit making organization.

The School is following the British Curriculum and has classes from Play School to grade 12 (Advanced level). The medium of instruction is English , while Sinhala & Tamil are taught as national languages. The School has 2 streams from grade 11 onwards – Science & Commerce. Teaching of Arabic and Saudi Culture is mandatory.

The school provides adequate in-service training in the form of seminars/workshops to teachers periodically to update their skills on the revised curriculum.

The Primary Section has been enriched with the following facilities

Easel boards, Sand and water play, big book theory, Theme based teaching, Sensorial material etc.

Facilities available in the School

  • 3 buildings- Boys Wing, Girls Wing and the Primary Section.
  • Separate play areas for boys and girls- the school provides indoor sports in the evening under the able guidance of Physical Education Instructors.
  • The school has 3 Science laboratories – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, a Science Room and 2 Computer Laboratories.

Foundation Stage [Play School, Reception 1(LKG) & 2(UKG)]

The pre primary curriculum attempts to develop the child’s physical, mental, emotional, social and aesthetic outlook. Stories, poems, action songs and discussions encourage the development of English language skills such as Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Individual attention is paid to enhance mathematical and language skills. Pre reading and pre mathematics programmes are designed to ensure that the child acquires the necessary aptitude and competence to embark on Reading, Writing and Number Schemes. This includes Language, Mathematical mastery, Elementary Science, Sensorial Activities Art/Handwork, Poetry/Action songs and physical education. These subject areas will be covered at this level, with emphasis on activities, usage of standard apparatus and games connected with them.

Primary (Grades 1-5)

Subjects taught in these classes are Mathematics, English Language, Science, Social Studies, Islam/Moral Science, Art and Craft and Physical Education. More attention is paid on the teaching of Mathematics and English language. Dictation, poetry, grammar, hand writing, comprehension, reading and composition are the components included in the teaching of English language. Practical exercises and group activities are incorporated in the teaching of Mathematics. Arabic language is introduced from grade 2 onwards. Sinhala, Tamil and Computing are introduced from grade 3 onwards. Saudi Culture is a component of Social Studies.