Competition is one of the most contentious topics in education. Yet, researchers have found that through the expanding use of best-practices, competitions could maximize collaborative impact, even though not every competition will provide all of these benefits, and not every competition will be structured to maximize benefits.

Competitions at school level improve teamwork and collaboration. They enhance social and emotional learning while producing academic heroes. They facilitate growth mindsets and build mental toughness.

At SLISR, we conduct individual as well as group competitions. Group competitions are held under the label – inter-house competitions. The three houses we have are the Mahaweli, Kelani and Walawe – named after the three longest rivers in Sri Lanka that reflect the nature’s bounty and beauty of mother-Lanka.

On a regular basis, the following competitions add to our annual calendar:

  • Inter House Badminton Tournament
  • Debating Contest
  • Inter House Football Tournament
  • Inter House Netball Tournament and
  • Inter House Quiz Competition.

Inter-House competitions bring out abundant energy in our students. They are colorful and joyous.


Several photos must be included here. Photos will be shared in due course