‘Learning is a journey; it is individual and unique. It changes with growth and has to be nurtured and cared for. It is delicate, fragile and there can be times of doubt. It is a collaborative approach and acknowledges children are the architects of their own learning in which experiences are relevant and meaningful’.

The philosophy of SLISR Primary Early Years is built around a child-focused environment that reflects a relaxed, supportive and safe place for children to grow and develop. It is through play that educational experiences are provided to further support children’s understanding about the world around them.

Play based education and hands on learning is being considered the best way to nurture curiosity , imagination and creativity in children during the age of 2 ½  to 5 ½ years when a child goes through a developmental stage called the sensitive period, where they unconsciously absorb core skills that help them build personality and character. At  SLISR Primary Early Years, we ensure that children are exposed to these conditions giving them plenty of opportunity for development.

We follow the AMI method of Education combined with the ethos of the LPF Philosophy in Education. Your child’s learning and development is of paramount importance to us. We focus on giving your child a holistic educational experience going beyond the ABC’s and 123’s in education. We at SLISR Early Years focus on the developmental stages of your children during these formative years of their lives.

On a factual basis interdisciplinary studies combine the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic with the Sciences and the study of Geography and World Ecology. Making your children independent and respectful of themselves in order to boost confidence is of prime importance to us. We at SLISR Primary Early Years strive to incorporate grace and courtesy at a young age laying the foundation of respect for self and others.

Acceptance and celebration of differences supports our inclusiveness, creating an environment of respect and a sense of social justice in the development of a global perspective. We embrace diversity, and extend our learning regarding our Indigenous heritage and culture.

Our aspiration is to be a leader in early years’ education, continually reflecting on the learning that matters for all members of our community, to deliver a service of excellence. Aesthetic environments are the foundation for the development of engaging learning opportunities. Our commitment to sustainability is fundamental in developing a holistic curriculum. Learning is fostered through the natural curiosity and interests of children, allowing for exploration to further support individual pathways.

Collaboration between parents and educators are considered the key element in providing environments and educational opportunities that enrich the lives of children and support their learning. Our parent community is an integral part of SLISR Primary Early Years. We encourage your involvement to ensure a sense of security in the children.

Our staff consists of a great team of qualified and trained teachers who are continuously exposed to further professional development ensuring that they can secure the future of the children entrusted to our care.