The Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA) functions as a supporting body helping the school in carrying out extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The PTA is governed by its own constitution deriving its powers from the school constitution.

Every parent or legal guardian of a student must become a member of this organization. The PTA EXCOM is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the PTA and the office bearers consist of parents and the academic staff. The principal of the school is the President of the PTA EXCOM. The term of an elected PTA Executive Committee is one year. The PTA annual subscription fee is SR 50/- per Sri Lankan parent. The fee is compulsory and should be paid together with the First Term fee.


PTA Executive Members – 2018

Standing (L to R) : Niroze Ahamed (Auditor), Fahim Jiffry, M. Fazni Farouk, Sudarshan Ramiah, Noor Azwar


Seated (L to R) : M. R. Mohamed (Treasurer), Kaleel Rahuman (Secretory), Amanullah M. Salih (President), Indika Gunaratne (Vice President), Buddhika Dharmaratne (Assistant Secretary)

PTA Executive Members – 2017

Standing (L to R) : Ajith Kumara Dissanayake, Ijas Razeen, Mohamed Niyasdeen


Seated (L to R) : Imthiyas Thaslim (Assistant Secretory), Shahbaz Ahmed (Treasurer), Sudarshan Ramiah (Secretary), M. S. M. Nazeer (President), Indika Gunaratne (Vice President), Nissanka Wijayaratna, Mohamed Faleel

Absent :  Chamith Thennakoon

PTA Executive Members – 2016

Standing (L to R) : Rizwan Lathif, Risan Shaheed, Noor Mohamed Azwar, Asanka Gunarathne


Seated (L to R) : Abdul Basith, Faizal (Treasurer), Chamit Tennakoon, S. M. Naseer (President), Rizwan Tahir (Vice President), Mohamed Firdous (Assistant Secretary), Imthiyaz Ahamed

Absent : Atula Kumasinghe (Auditor)



PTA Executive Members – 2015

Standing (L to R) : Chandana Kulathunga ( Asst. Secretary), Mohamed Sanoon Mohamed Fahim ( Vice President), M.S.M. Nazeer ( President/ Principal), Faizur Razmi Kareem ( Secretary), S.M. Hajath ( Treasurer)

Seated (L to R) : Mohamed Javad Mohamed Raj Ishar, Mohammed Noordeen Mohammad Yoonus, M.F. Abdul Nayeem ( Hon Auditor), Mohideen Mohamed Rizwan, Ahmed Anwer, Abdul Munaff Azeez, Hussain Ameer

PTA – 2014

PTA – 2013

Imthiyaz Sultan ( VP, PTA), Riyaz Yoosuff ( Secretary ),Mohamed Kamil ,Rizan Anver,Athula Kumarasinghe, Nalin Kodikara, Ramlan Mansour, Julien Leon ,Mohamed Jaan – Auditor