Milroy Anthonypillai      

I want to thank God for Sri Lankan International School Riyadh. It is like a spring of water in the desert for our children apart from nationalities, culture and religion. The Sri Lankan International School is well managed under the leadership of the Principal, Teachers and Prefects.

The teachers were very dedicated especially during the time of the pandemic. As a parent I noticed that their service is not to sell their knowledge but to pass it to the next generation, therefore their timeless service is very much appreciated. The discipline of the school is rooted in the life of our children, as parents, we could see the fruits in their life. School is very much grounded in a very structured education that will definitely flourish their future.

I once again want to thank the Principal and Teachers for their service to our children.

Dr. Amjad Sohail, Dr. Nazish Amjad

We are very proud and grateful that all three of our children are students of this amazing institution where success is encouraged and rewarded, where every teacher is no less than a mentor, and source of support and strength for their students. A diverse, multi-ethnic school, it has been a source of pride for us for over 10 years. Our eldest child graduated this year. His alma mater has molded him into a respecting, respectable person. We don’t imagine our younger children in any other institution, for no place can be better than one where a thousand teachers, students and other staff members treat each other as family: compassionate, dedicated and working towards the student’s success, both them as a person, and their career.

The SLISR exceptional academic performances year in, year out, and its reputation for the etiquette of its students, is no coincidence; our experience as parents can confirm that, and we strongly believe this school is the gold standard for all others.

Asangi & Milinda Gunawardena

We are very happy with the changes made in the school and how classes are progressing now. Teachers have been commendable and always been very good and attentive to our children as it has been during the past years. The addition of extra activities definitely kept the children more interested in school and really helped with their development.

We hope that extra activities could be added to classes of older children also to make attending the school a richer experience for them.

Fazal Ahamed

As a parent, I am very impressed with Sri Lankan International school Riyadh and the teachers. It is commendable to see the dedication and devotion of the teachers and my son loves attending school. Thank you for providing our children a safe and fun place to learn.

Parents from Pakistan

My Twin daughters joined SLISR Primary Early Years as foreign students. Their English Language was not up to the standard. The team of teachers and coordinator changed things in a different path and my daughters have improved academically and their language development has been remarkable. I recommend the SLISR to any parent without hesitation.

Priya Rajeshkannan

We have noticed that the continuous dedication of the team at SLISR Primary Early Years toward the holistic development of our kids. We as parents want to recognize the hard work of the Supervisor and Teachers.  Whenever children face any challenges the team always comes up with solutions to help the children. Our kids are very privileged to have such a wonderful group of teachers. We are looking forward to the same standards in the upcoming academic year too.

Dr Memood Sha

My son was privileged to have joined SLISR. We as parents were impressed from day one. My son was treated as an individual and not as just another number in the register, his learning difficulties were identified, and strategies were used to help him. We are very grateful for the special care my son received at SLISR and take this opportunity to recognize the commendable service of the management and the teachers.

Asanka Jayalath

As parents, our main challenge was to switch my daughter from a home-based play school to SLISR Early Years, as she was really comfortable with her playschool teacher as well as her company with friends. Thanks to the teachers in the SLISR Early years and the New curriculum that has been introduced, from the beginning took that challenge away from me and my wife. After few days of her schooling, she got so interested in the activities

that took place at SLISR, she started forcing us to take her to school even in weekends. I recommend SLISR Primary Early Years to any parent who is looking for a good school to their child as a place where learning becomes a Journey.

Priya Rajeshkannan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school management and the teachers to the ultimate support given during this pandemic. I really appreciate your efforts for providing quality education and molding my children towards the path which surely will lead to success. The development of a reliable website highlights the school’s keenness in delivering the education. Though it is quite challenging for the primary graders, it is a great prospect for the higher secondary graders. My best wishes for SLISR in the development of its new and enhanced website.

Mr. Mushtaq Packeer

During this challenging time, we all have adopted a new way of living! Thanks to the school and the wonderful teachers for not giving up on our children and their education. SLISR’s latest techno tools have been extremely helpful. Through this, the distance learning has been successful!

Mohamed Mashud

My eldest daughter is currently studying at SLISR. My youngest daughter will be joining SLISR in the upcoming academic year. As a parent, I am happy to see the school advancing in all aspects. It is definitely a pleasure to see my young daughter excited to go to school, all thanks to her teachers and a child-friendly school environment.

The extraordinary management, enthusiastic teachers and supportive parents makes SLISR an ideal place to foster young minds. The way the school responded to the current situation and enabled children to learn via their Online learning platform had been remarkable indeed. We are privileged to be a part of the SLISR family


As parents we extend our gratification, in acknowledging and appreciating the hard work put in by the SLISR Management and Staff members in concluding the academic year 2019/2020 in an outstanding manner, despite of the unforeseen pandemic Covid 19.

On a special note, a big humble applause to the team of Teachers for carrying out their duties fabulously in adopting to the ad hoc situation, which ensured that the students were provided with the course material and knowledge in the best possible method to suit the difficult times. Not forgetting the understanding and personalized services rendered by the teachers towards the parents, in the best interest of all stakeholders of the school.

If this global situation continues to prevail, we hope the school will explore the possibilities of conducting live streaming sessions, which will be an added advantage to our children.        

Mohamed Zulfi, Parent / Former VP – PTA/ Ex-Member of the BOD

Our school with an illustrious history and an impeccable goodwill and reputation spanning over 32 years not only among the Sri Lankan community here in Riyadh but also among, notably the South Asian and African communities.  Key fact among all accolades is that our school is held in high esteem by our Regulator, the MOE and the British Council.

SLISR has created such a lasting legacy and It is too good a thing to let go. It is the fervent wish of all of us to see our school survive for another 32 years.