Candidate Nomination Form



Documents form and No Objection Letter

Fowzy Jamaldeen – Chairman of Board of Directors

Director – Strategic Planning, Policy Management and New Building Affairs

I always say:   “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ..

 As we reflect at the end of a tumultuous and challenging year, I want to share the broad outlines of “SLISR’s Vision: Designing the Future,”  

As we build a successful future rooted in our SLISR distinctive character, we can also imagine a dynamic new era of academic innovation and creativity through smart, strategically driven and fiscally prudent choices about how we organize ourselves in moving forward.  

Today’s frontiers of new knowledge and practical solutions depend on the capacity to transcend traditional academic boundaries, central to the strategic plan. We will be redesigning structures, operations and culture to establish multiple new, knowledge-based clusters that bring together transdisciplinary theory and practice with actively engaged outside partners. That kind of structural transformation takes work to achieve, but we know it can be done because we have already built successful home-grown models at SLISR.  

There will be much work to do in implementing this bold vision across the School.  I look forward to working with every member of the SLISR community, our valued partners and friends in turning this exciting vision into a reality. 

Mohamed Zubair – Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors

Director – HR and Admin, Academic and Curriculum Development (Senior)

Having been entrusted with highly demanding portfolios one cannot be proud of it but should feel the heat of these responsibilities always.  Ours is a community school with educated, enthusiastic and aspiring parents and success focused students to gratify.

My vision is to ensure SLISR is committed to creating and maintaining an orderly, disciplined, trusting, and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting and inspiring for students as they continue to develop responsibilities, by making sure curricular, academic and non-academic activities are child centered by providing inspiring staff members, required resources and support its leader/principal to visualize his and collective visions of Board of Directors into reality.

Faizur Razmi Kareem – Secretary of Board of Directors

Director  – Academic and Curriculum Development (Junior) and Facilities Management

We believe that true education is a right blend of knowledge, Intelligence and character and we guide our children towards right principles, ethics and moral values along with positive social behavior, thus developing them as global citizens. Our newly developed Curriculum creates a passion for learning and helps to develop high aspirations, provides each child with relevant opportunities and giving extra teaching for children who are in need.

Ravindra M. Arachchige – Board of Directors

Finance Management and External Affairs

We understand the impact of our decisions and how they directly affect you, the community at large and academic future of the students. In addition, we understand the challenges our parents face as expatriate community in Riyadh and their aspiration to see their children grow with unique Sri Lankan values since their hearts and soul are always attached to back home in motherland. With this mind we are committed to provide quality education to children at SLISR. Also it’s our aim to improve the facilities for staff who are playing vital role  in providing quality education to the students.

As Director Finance my focus is to improve the financial management and  reporting process,  to ensure financial stability of the school which will help continuity of the school. I thank parents for their continual support for these efforts. I believe, together, we can accomplish “whatever it takes” to make a difference in our children’s life

Sudarshan Ramiah – Board of Directors

IT, Education Development, Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

Society is driven by progress and progress is driven by advancement. Technological advancement is at the heart of it all today and every activity will, in some form or another, involve the use of technology.

The 21st century is marked by significant technological progress in every field. For learning and development, these advancements have helped us realize the promise of “anytime, anywhere” learning as well as learning personalized to individual needs. More than that, emerging capabilities have thrown open the door to transformative possibilities, facilitating learning at scale, optimizing learning in response to large and diverse data sets, and developing fully integrated talent management systems for managing and enhancing the future workforce. Our aim is to prepare every student to adapt to this evolving landscape.