The initiation of the AA is a sentimental undertaking to its founders and we find great joy in reuniting with each other and reminiscing on our formative years at the Sri Lankan International School. We are truly excited for the Associations’ plans to partake in the development of the School and its current students. One of our primary objectives as the Alumni Association is to help the School in communicating to the students as role models who can relate to them on a different level and assist them and their parents in making the right choices when it comes to their education and long term ambitions. We hope to achieve this through career guidance counseling, seminars targeting different groups of students, motivational speeches, etcetera. With former students actively volunteering for these projects, we are sure to make a positive impact on the students’ overall attitude towards his/her personal development. All in all, the AA wishes to bridge the gap between the students, parents and teachers of the school.

Our Mission

To foster the well being of our Alma Mater Sri Lankan International School, Riyadh and its faculty and students in education, culture and athletics.

Alumni Association Committee Members