Student Associations – Prefect Committee

Secondary school students are often seen as role models in their communities. As such, the school considers it a responsibility to equip them to drive positive change and act as role models to their fellow students. Student leadership opportunities, including Prefectship is one way that SLISR is ensuring that students live their school life and leave the school with the skills and mind-sets necessary to be a force for change within their communities. Teaching and training at SLISR will instill a desire in students to improve the world around them for the collective benefit of their communities.

At SLISR, prefects are nominated to support the school leadership team and administration to ensure that the school runs smoothly. In addition to building valuable student leadership skills, confidence and communication, the Prefect body provides a BOT up leadership. The body plays an important supportive role in the following areas:

1. They monitor students’ sanitation and cleanliness
2. They collaborate with the sports teacher in organising sports teams and activities
3. They coordinate student-led entertainment activities for the student body
4. They monitor the cleanliness of the school compound and prepare a student duty rotation
5. They collaborate with the co-curricular teacher to organise school academic and cultural activities

Student Prefects are elected annually by the Discipline Committee of the school in a formal process:

1. The process begins with an advert calling for applications from students in Gr 8-10 for stewardship (trainee prefects) and prefectship;
2. Students who spent three or more years, show a record of 80% attendance in the 1st semester of the academic year and are free from any serious disciplinary issues within the past one academic year are eligible for shortlisting;
3. Once applications close, a selection committee shortlists prefect trainees from among Gr 8 and 9 students and prefects from Gr 10 based on achievements in academic and non-academic areas;
4. Successful candidates are sworn in at a small celebration where they sign off on the duties and responsibilities for their respective role. Upon being sworn in they receive a special dress code and guidelines on how best to perform their duties as student leaders.

Our prefectorial structure consist of the following layers and hierarchy:

  • Stewards
  • Prefects
  • Senior prefects
  • Deputy head prefects
  • Senior deputy head prefects
  • Head prefect

The promotion process and the admin structure of the prefectorial body is available in school’s policy documents.

At SLISR, we believe that student leaders must make lasting improvements in theirs as well as in the lives of their fellow students.
Photograph of the Current body of prefects will be attached